Launch Out – Anchor’s Away! Destination: Maine, America

Multiple forms of travel fascinate me.  I have yet to sail, but that shall soon change. One of my goals for 2014 is to learn to sail before Fall.  I regret not having gone out on a schooner in Maine last year during a quick trip there.  The Fish Chowder and fresh caught Lobster eaten in the sunshine sitting on the restaurant pier could not be improved upon, though!  Cadillac Mountain was a sight to behold…ah, I digress!  Sailing ventures yet await.

Can you feel the warmth of the sun combined with the crisp breeze?  That photo causes me to breathe deeper and sit up straighter, as I feel my eyes squint against the brightness and my pulse quicken in anticipation.  I want to be there.  Or I want that to be here.  Either way, we should be together, the boat and I.

In preparation for my next trip to Maine, I will be perusing the site below in great detail.  The captains restored one of their boats completely, and now provide extended sailing trips to guests, up to six days!  Although I enjoy water, I’m not sure about being on it for days on end…but perhaps it would be grand!

Camden Maine Lighthouses

Let’s see, for those days on land, pleasant accommodations are in order.  Some potential landing places (pun fully intended) are depicted next.

The last trip found me at Thornhedge.  The host most graciously returned my late evening phone call and provided arrangements allowing a late check in (read that, 2:00 am check in).  Breakfast and conversation were equally wonderful in that the host joined us for breakfast and interacted with everyone.  He freely shared recipes and instructions for fabulous yet simple-to-prepare delectable foods.



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