Wonder-lust Induced Wanderlust

Curiosity may well have killed the cat.  That is not the important part.  The important part is cats have multiple lives with which to experience additional danger and fascination.

cat with lime helmet

Our cat friend appears less than amused.  Assuming you are reading this, however, you are not a cat.  Therefore you do not possess multiple lives.  Given that information, caution is merited when choosing pursuits in the wonder-lust and wanderlust categories available.  

Topics of interest to me include, but are by far and away not limited to, the following:

I would like to:

  • become a sailor
  • learn to swim (perhaps this should come first)
  • climb a mountain
  • restore my mom’s 1985 Toyota MR2
  • become a world traveler
  • improve my speaking and storytelling abilities


  • develop my natural bent toward drawing and painting
  • utilize the camera equipment and supplies at my disposal
  • live health consciously – think self care in the aspects of physical, mental, emotional/relational
  • become financially independent
  • earn a graduate degree (and pay it off)
  • learn to restore and refurbish homes for pleasure and profit
  • join the Peace Corps to contribute and experience on a global scale
  • join forces with Habitat for Humanity to contribute and experience on a local scale
  • ______ (space for future ideas as they strike me)
  • ______
  • ______

This list is subject to being updated without notice.  Watch for blogs related to the various topics of interest, with more information on each subject in those blogs.



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